May 15, 2021

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Rules Ladder 2011-12

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 Dear friends, co-tennistas…. Thank you very much for your support and enthusiasm in our Eleon...
 Dear friends, co-tennistas….

Thank you very much for your support and enthusiasm in our Eleon Garros tennis tournaments series!

Get ready and fasten your seat belt because last year’s exciting tennis ride will resume in a while!

More specifically our LADDER tour is due to begin shortly. All participants will be grouped in two zones based on their existing rank and a draw among each zone will decide the initial tableau. The draw will take place on Saturday 1st of October 2011 and every one is welcome to pick his lucky number off the hat.

During the first phase that will end 31/12/2011, the players may challenge each other up to 4 seats above them and the winner will move on to the ladder stairs as described here below.

In the 2nd phase of the tourn., when a relevant equilibrium in the ranking is expected, a new set of rules may apply to make the tour more interesting.

The 3rd phase of the tourn will end after 2 months that is 28/2/2012 and the top 16 players of the league (at the time), will participate in a 4X4 round robin.

Finally the top eight will participate in a knock out until the Grand Final. The tourn., will also earn 30 general ranking points for win and 10 points for a defeat during phase one of the ladder. In the next phases the points will be announced later.

Rules and regulations:

1. The participants will be placed on the initial table in two zones based on the existing ranking of the club. After that a draw will take place amongst the participants of the two zones and the outcome will comprise the initial tableau.

2. Each player may challenge an opponent that is ranked up to 4 seats above him and the match should be done within 7 days max. If the challenger wins then he takes the challengee’s position and the challengee falls by one seat. If the challenger looses then they both retain their positions.

3. How we challenge: Just send your challenge by sms to Menelaos Theodoulou (99609023) that has kindly accepted to help out in updating our website, and state your name, current rank and the opponent you want to challenge. If your challenge is valid and qualified then your challenged opponent ( challengee) and you ( challenger), will receive a confirmation sms with the due date the match has to be completed upon. As soon as the match is over an sms must be sent as above, from the winner with the correct score. All score messages that are received by 11:00 pm will be included in the next day’s updating of the tableau by 09:00 am. As soon as a score/ match is announced on the official website of the tournament then it’s open for further challenges.

4. The challenger must allow 48 hours after the match , irrespective of the result, without challenging anybody, just to give the opportunity to other players to challenge him.

5. A grey player that returns in action must allow 48 hrs without challenging anybody for the same reason.

6. No match can be cancelled since announced in the official website of the tournament. ( ).

7. The unavailable party looses the match and if it’s the challengee’s fault he is walked over (w/o).

8. In any case, no matter who is responsible, the un-played match, is void right after the deadline expires and the two parties are unblocked, just to give the opportunity for those that have congested around them to go on. The two parties are allowed to challenge each other once again after one week or a match has intermediated.

9. The ‘ up to four seats challenge’ mode is valid until 31/12/2011. After then a new set of rules may apply that will enable smaller leaps especially among the top rank players.

10. T he challengee may accept a challenge ORmay refuse a challenge (irrespective of the match’s result) for up to two calendar days after his previous match. He is allowed however to challenge anybody (up to four seats above him), any time, even right after his previous match.

11. A player is declared unavailable for play (and is marked with grey colour) in cases of travel abroad or injury or any other personal reason that is declared in time to the organising committee.

12. Grey players loose one rank position every 5 days of unavailability rounded off to the nearest 5. (eg: 5 days one position, 8 days two positions, 12 days 2 positions, 13 days 3 positions etc). Grey players will turn back to white (available), upon informing the OC, on their return.

13. Grey players are temporarily inactive and should be ignored – for challenge purposes- until they change status. That means a possible challenge by number 25 to 20 if f.e, 21 is ‘grey’.

14. Players that do not communicate or cannot be reached by the participants or the Organizing Committee are written off the tournament.

15. New players may enter the ladder tournament with the consent of the O.C and they are placed in the end of the table after they pay their participation fee.

16. 28 -2-2012 is the last day of the ladder. (the last challenge can be done 23/2/2012)

17. In the round robin phase, that will begin on March 1st , the top 16 players will be grouped in 4 new groups. Each group will host one player from the 1st four, one of the players btn 5-8, one player btn 9-12 and one player btn 13-16. The groups will be defined by draw in a date that will be announced later. As soon as the top two players are nominated within each group, we will proceed with the knock out phase, details of which will be announced later on.

www will be updated as frequently as possible to facilitate the smooth operation of the tournament.

18. Participation fee remains to €35 Euros and has to be paid in advance .

19. The members of the committee Antonis Antonopoullos and Kyriacos Kyriakides will collect the €35 participation fees and pass it on to Serghios Savvides that takes care ofthe financial part of the tournament.

20. To facilitate the timely collection of the participation fee, the contestants may also use one the following bank accounts: (Pls remember to state your name during the e-transfer)

Bank of Cyprus: 357003435615

21. It is recommended that players use the courts of Eleon in off peak hours to avoid court congestion.

22. The tourn., is a best of three sets with the 3rd set being a Super Tie break that is, to 10 points. Yet, the players may agree in advance that they will play afull setinstead.

23. Eleon Ladder players are allowed to play their matches in any tennis court they wish, even outside Eleon, provided they will follow the above rules and communicate the result timely.

Above rules and regulations may change any time towards the best interest of the tournament as defined by the Organising committee.

Last but not least special thanks to all our sponsors (to be announced shortly) as well as to our distinguished new co-player Menelaos Theodoulou that has kindly accepted to receive the sms challenges and results and update our website daily by 9:00 am.

Good luck to all and may the best player wins!

The Tennis4All team


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