May 15, 2021

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Ladder Changes, valid from January 7th

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Dear friends co-tennistas, Thank you for your active involvement and passionate participation with the Eleon...
Dear friends co-tennistas,

Thank you for your active involvement and passionate participation with the Eleon Garros 13-14!

The tourn. is doing great so far and more than 150 matches have already been played and we expect many more exciting ones to follow until the Grand Final sometime coming April.

 X-Mass is already at our doorstep and a small recession is necessary for everyone. Along with the recession some more things will change towards fine tuning the tournament further on. Changes, valid from January 7th, as follows:….
  A) Recession:The tourn. will stop just before Xmass and resume on January 7th. Last challenge on the 19th of December and the first one for the New Year will be accepted from January 7th at 8:00 am. This recession should be considered as a great opportunity for the Doubles tourn. to go on- our doubles continues without a break- as well as to facilitate the Eleon Academy in-house tournaments.
B) The first phase of the tourn. will finish on March the 16th hence last challenge may be by the 11th of March.
C) After the first phase is finished, the top four players of the draw at the time, will go on to the next round and players from place 5 to12 will play a pre-knock out match in a cross manner to decide the last four players of the official knock outs. More specifically player 5 will play with player 12 for the 5th place of the knock out draw, player six will play the 11th and so on.
D) Sixth day allowance:The sixth day silent allowance was invented in relief of those very special situations and so far was never refused to any one in need of it. Yet, some complications may arise and often, the plans of players in expectation of the result of the match may be spoiled. For this reason, each of the two players in delay will be penalized with one additional day of stand-by. That is the challenger will have to wait 3 days instead of two and the challengee will have to wait for 24 hrs before he makes any challenge.
E) Matches cancelled: According to the existing regulations, no match can be revoked or canceled after it has been announced on the official website of the tourn. If however the match cannot be played within the pre-set limits and none of the parties is to blame by loosing the match, they both remain in stand-by, i.e., they cannot challenge for 3 days.
F) Status grey was invented to allow unavailable or injured players to recover without hindering the march of their co-players. As from now on, we want facilitate this decision by loosening the rule. More specifically there will not be any lost position by default, as has been the case so far and on top of this one tableau place will be lost every ten days. That is, up to 10 days one position, from 10 to 20 days 2 positions and so on. Of course as soon as a player returns from grey he will have to wait for 48 hrs in stand-by before he makes any challenge upwards.
Happy X-Mass every one!
The organizing Committee.

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