May 15, 2021

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Proclamation Eleon Garros 2019 -20

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Dear Eleon Garros friend, Thank you very much for your active involvement, participation and enthusiasm...

Dear Eleon Garros friend,
Thank you very much for your active involvement, participation and enthusiasm in our tennis tournaments!
Get ready and fasten your seat belts because another exciting tournament, is due to begin!
More specifically our new Ladder tourn., 2019-20 will host all players on a single league but this year with a remarkable change: The starting rank on the draw will be decided in relation to last year’s ranking, nevertheless, on an inverse pyramid manner. More specifically last year’s champion at the pre- knock outs phase, will be placed last and the last will be placed first. The player that has finished second will be placed in the penultimate position and so on.
This long-awaited amendment echoes the desire of many of our members and is expected to encourage less experienced players to participate, have fun and a good dose of adrenaline! Of course, players that have not participated last year, will be placed on the starting rank by draw.

If interested to participate, please confirm by email to:, or by
phone / sms to: Menelaos Theodoulou 99-609023, latest by Sunday 22/09/2019.

Rules and regulations:
1. Each player may challenge an opponent that is ranked up to five seats above him and the match should be done within five days max. (In some very exceptional cases a sixth day might be allowed subject to prior request to Menelaos). If the challenger wins then he takes the challengee’s position and the challengee falls by one seat. If the challenger loses then they both retain their positions.
2. The challenger must allow 48 hours after the match, irrespective of the result before challenging anybody, just to give a fair opportunity to other players to challenge him.
3. No match can be cancelled since announced in the official website of the Tournament and its it is the responsibility of the challenger to liaise with the challengee to find a commonly acceptable date and time for the match.
4. If a match cannot be played within the five days’ time limit, then the unavailable party loses the match. There is an additional penalty of 48 hrs delay for walk overs. I.e., if the challenger fails to play his match and is walked over, then his next challenge can take place in 4 days. If the w/o is the challengee’s responsibility, he is penalized with two days delay  respectively.
5. The challengee in any case has the right to accept or refuse a challenge (irrespective of the match’s result) for 48 hours after his previous match. He is allowed, however to challenge anybody (up to five seats above him), any time, even right after his previous match.
6. A player is declared unavailable for play and is marked with grey colour in cases of travel abroad, injury or any other personal reason that is declared in time, to Menelaos. Grey players lose one rank position by default irrespective of the days of inactivity.
7. Grey players are temporarily inactive and should be ignored – for challenge purposes- until they change status. That means a possible challenge by number 25 to 19 if f.e, 20 is ‘grey’. The grey player may challenge 48 hours after his status change, that is, from grey to normal.
8. New players may enter the ladder tournament any time with the prior consent of the O.C and are placed at the end of the tableau after they pay their participation fee.
9. 24/12/2019 is the last day before the Christmas recession. Hence the last challenge will be accepted by 19/12/2019. The first phase will resume once again, on January 3rd, 2020 and will end March 31st 2020. Hence the last challenge of the first phase will be accepted 27/3/2020.
10. During the second phase of the tournament i.e., btn January and March 2020, players are allowed  to challenge only four positions above them.
11. After the first phase is finished, the top sixteen players of the draw at the time, will go on to the knock outs.
12. Participation fee this year will be raised to €35 euros after remaining unchanged for many years, in order to cover increased expenses. An exceptionally good fee for 8 months of exciting tennis that will include a tin of 4 Wilson balls free of charge! Further to this if the participant
pays with SKash – the Mobile Wallet- s/he is entitled to another tin of 4 Wilson balls free of charge in total 2 tins all included in the €35! Alternatively, the participants may pay their participation fee by cash to Menelaos, Serghios or Kyriacos or by direct transfer to our Bank of
Cyprus account prior to the commencement of the tournament. Bank of Cyprus IBAN: CY56002001950000357029206894
13. The tourn., is a best of three with the 3rd set being a super tie break, i.e a tie break to 10 points instead of a full set.
Yet, two players may agree in advance that they will play a third set upon their discretion and of course based on courts availability.

14. Eleon Garros Ladder 2019-20 players, are allowed to play their matches in any tennis court they wish, provided they will follow the above rules and communicate the result timely.
15. Above rules and regulations may change any time towards the best interest of the tournament, as defined by the Organizing committee.

16 (24/2/2020)  The Tournament takes a 15 days extension (Ends 15 of April). The last challenge of the first phase will be accepted 10/4/2020.

17. (24/2/2020) After the first phase is finished, the top 24 players of the draw at the time, will go on to the knock outs. The players from position 9 to 24 will play knock out mach and the winners will play agents the first 8 players.

(Το νο17 και 18 τελικά δεν ενεργοποιήθηκαν λόγο της πανδημίας)

18. Το Λατερ διακόπηκε 15 Μαρτίου 2020 λόγο του Covid19. Με τη βοήθεια του Μάριου Πολυκάρπου και του Θεοχάρη με την επανέναρξη των προπονήσεων στο Club, οι κρατήσεις των γηπέδων γίνονται on line με πρόγραμμα. Λόγο του περιορισμού στο χρόνο (1.5 ώρες) αποφασίστηκαν οι δύο πιο κάτω κανονισμοί.

  1. Τα παιγνίδια των 32 (knock out) παίζονται με no Advantage.
  2. Σε περίπτωση ανάγκης 3ου σέτ τότε είναι TB ως τα 10

How we challenge:
Just send your challenge by sms to Menelaos Theodoulou 99-609023 and state your name and the opponent you want to challenge. If your challenge is valid then both, your challenged opponent (challengee) and you (the challenger), will receive a confirmation sms with the nominal due date the match has to be completed upon.
As soon as the match is over an sms must be sent as above, from the winner with the correct score.

Finally, our special thanks to our sponsors as follows:
Mega Sponsor: NELAZA Ltd (Nektarios Fakas),
Mavros Ltd and #1 in tennis Wilson products, SKash the digital Wallet
Last but not least our special thanks go to Menelaos Theodoulou that has accepted to maintain our
website ( and offer his precious services to this fascinating tournament.

Good luck to all and may the best player wins!
The organizing Committee